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How to New Year? Discounted coaching to help you stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year, heroes! We’re nearly halfway through January already. How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

Struggling? Already given up? Heroic can help. And we’ve got a special discount just for the occasion!

If you’re struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolutions, coaching can help.

Resolutions are often a happy, feel-good soft commitment. They’re a goal, but not a plan. Coaching helps you work out if those goals are realistic for you, adjust them to suit, and then set proactive plans in place so that you’re much more likely to reach your goals.


Okay, here’s how you get the discount…

Your first personal coaching session with Heroic is always free, and for all of January we’re giving new clients 10% off your second session. Just contact us to book your first (free) session with us any time in January or February and quote the code “HOW2NEWYEAR“. We’ll happily apply the 10% discount when we send you the bill for your second session.

Easy as that.

Sound good?

First session’s free. Contact Heroic and make the most of 2015 :)

Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol
Founder & Director
Heroic Coaching & Consulting

Looking Back at a Heroic 2014

It’s been about 5 months since Heroic launched and what a year it’s been already!

Top 3 Articles of 2014

1) Our most popular article (and most retweeted and favourited as well) was a celebration of geek culture and a shout out to a few particularly awesome geeks, in the post PAX is People: Smart, generous geeks who made PAX awesome. Thanks to everyone I met at PAX and who made it happen. It was fantastic and I can’t wait for next year.

2) Our next most popular article was Patience Pays: Benefits of waiting to buy. It seemed to hit a chord with people and is worth recalling as the Christmas sales begin

3) It seemed people also appreciated my diversion into cynical humour with Blasting Off Again: How to constantly fail; a primer from Team Rocket. That article channeled the voice of Team Rocket and I highly encourage you to do the exact opposite of everything the article recommends.

Celebrating the Wins

Heroic was also a supported and prize-contributor for the inaugural Child’s Play Trivia Australia. We donated to help Ninja Pizza Girl get funded, and our signage can be seen in the game, helping ninja pizza girls and players find a friendly coach when they need one.

We post a lot of personal development articles here, but we also coach in real life.

We’ve had several wins in that area, this year, with our coachees saying some great things about Heroic and – most importantly – getting the clarity and direction they need to take strides toward their goals and actively create a better life for themselves.

We couldn’t be happier! Congratulations, heroes!

World of Heroes

We had hundreds of people visit our site even in these early days. Thank you all! Our visitors were primarily from Australia, the United States and Russia. But we had some interest from Spain, Germany and Hong Kong and others, too.

Thanks to everyone, around the world, for following Heroic.

We have lots of cool stuff in store next year, so stay tuned. In 2015, Heroic will be even bigger and better!

Have a Heroic New Year, everyone!

Canary Trade Mark Assistance

I was once a trade mark examiner. I left to launch Heroic Coaching & Consulting. Yet, I still had lots of trade mark knowledge to offer. I gave trade mark advice under the Heroic brand, and it was well-received. Enough to tell me it deserved just as much of a focus as the coaching.

So today, I announce the online launch of Canary Trade Mark Assistance.

Canary Trade Mark Assistance

You may have heard about this already, thanks to the soft launch last month. But nothing feels real till it has an official Facebook page, right? ;)

Feel free to head over and ‘like’ the page for plenty of free trade mark tips.

So, what is Canary Trade Mark Assistance?

Canary Trade Mark Assistance is my new brand to cover all the trade mark advice, information, filing and workshops I offer. All that trade mark stuff under a dedicated brand, vision and direction. New brand, same friendly service and trade mark experience.

Why split the trade mark and coaching sides of my business?

Well, one big reason is so I can offer a more coherent face on both sides. For instance, this post is the last time you’ll see Heroic posting about trade marks. If anything appears again about trade marks, it’ll be cross promotion from Canary.

In this way, I can focus Heroic on what it’s really all about: coaching and personal development, particularly for geeks and nerds. And I can focus Canary on helping big and small Australian businesses understand and secure their trade mark rights.

What’s the coaching lesson here?

Be clear in your communication. Heroic providing trade marks and coaching was muddled. Now, using two brands, I can unleash the full potential of Heroic and Canary, separately.

So, if you’ve been here for the coaching, please stick around. If you come for trade marks, head over to for a more focused, more dedicated trade mark home.

Either way, it’s all still me, so rest easy knowing the same great service and friendly attitude will carry across, no matter which side you meet me on.


Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol
Director of Heroic Coaching & Consulting
Director of Canary Trade Mark Assistance

Heroic is an official supporter of Child’s Play Trivia Australia!

Exciting news! Heroic Coaching & Consulting is now an official supporter and prize donor for Child’s Play Trivia Australia!

The event will be held in Melbourne at 18:30 on 29 October 2014 in the lead up to PAX Aus 2014. Games Laboratory are very kindly providing the venue.

Heroic joins the likes of Turtle BeachGood Games and major sponsor Wizards of the Coast to provide prizes for this geeky gaming trivia bonanza!

Heroic’s contributions include coaching sessions, trade mark consultation sessions and Steam vouchers! Continue reading Heroic is an official supporter of Child’s Play Trivia Australia!

Welcome to Heroic

Hi. I’m Jarrod. Welcome to Heroic Coaching & Consulting. Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Or make fantasy reality? Heroic can help.

Today marks the official launch of Heroic. I am so excited to begin this new adventure! I hope you’ll join me :)

Feel free to poke around the website, drop me a line, and follow this blog and connect with Heroic on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

I’ll be posting articles that focus on the intersection of pop culture and personal development. I hope you’ll find something of interest and some food for thought while enjoying a bit of a different take on games, movies, comics, television and more.

Continue reading Welcome to Heroic