How to Cope with the Post-PAX Blues

It’s been 10 days since PAX Aus 2014 ended. Does it feel longer or shorter?

Both, maybe?

After PAX (or other awesome gatherings of like-minded nerds) there’s a point where you come down from the high and the excitement. A lot of people feel hollow or bereft after PAX. It is known.

So what can you do about it?

Well, first off, let’s reframe. You’ve only got the blues because you just spent hours or days among your extended family of nerdkind revelling in each other’s company and sharing great experiences and memories. You had an awesome time. Don’t forget that :) Yet, remembering it and how normal life is so unlike that mystical time can get you down.

So we need to do something. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Connect with fellow nerds online
  • Share memories, photos and stories
  • Join or create a regular nerd gathering
  • Work on cosplay or plan for next year
  • Make the most of every encounter

Connect with fellow nerds online

PAX doesn’t have to end. It’s been said that PAX is the vibe and the people, not the event.  Who said that? Oh, I forget, but I’m sure it was someone really smart…

Anyway… it’s true. The thing about the vibe. So find that vibe, those people. They’re online just waiting for you to join in. Check out forums or other interest groups online.

Share memories, photos and stories

Share, like, tag. Find fellow PAXers, pin pals, cosplayers. Share the love with friends who couldn’t attend, through photos and stories. Don’t rub it in, just excite them, share the vibe with them to let them experience a little part of what you enjoyed so much.

PAX Aus 2014 Crowd
PAX Aus 2014 . So many nerds. So much awesome.

Join or create a regular nerd meetup

Nerds gather all year round. There are local roleplaying groups, video game tournaments and meetups. All sorts of things. Check out If you don’t find anything you like, create it. Surely other nerds in your area are seeking this group too.

Work on cosplay or plan for next year

Cosplay is an awesome hobby that takes a lot of time and consideration. So start now :) Start planning. Start sewing. And, as above, share your hobby online with others. Get them excited, join a cosplay forum. It’ll be next PAX before you know it.

Make the most of every encounter

PAX and other cons are a special world where you immediately know you have something in common with literally everyone else there. It makes it easier to talk to basically anyone.

So, when you meet a fellow nerd away from PAX, treat the encounter like you were at PAX.

Be enthusiastic. Uninhibited. Confident and excited to share with them your interests and to hear and celebrate what they love too. You’ll find some common ground. At PAX there’s no barrier to this. For the rest of the year there is, but your fellow nerds are waiting for you to knock it down.

How do you know who is a fellow nerd? Share your excitement and find out! There’s a lot more of them out there than you’d think. And if, Cthulhu forbid, they happen to not be a nerd…? Well, they probably like Game of Thrones or the Avengers or something. Everyone’s a little nerdy these days.

Embrace it! Embrace them :) Enjoy each other’s company and differences.

So, bring PAX to your year. Enjoy nerding out with others.

Keep the vibe alive.

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