How to New Year? Discounted coaching to help you stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year, heroes! We’re nearly halfway through January already. How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

Struggling? Already given up? Heroic can help. And we’ve got a special discount just for the occasion!

If you’re struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolutions, coaching can help.

Resolutions are often a happy, feel-good soft commitment. They’re a goal, but not a plan. Coaching helps you work out if those goals are realistic for you, adjust them to suit, and then set proactive plans in place so that you’re much more likely to reach your goals.


Okay, here’s how you get the discount…

Your first personal coaching session with Heroic is always free, and for all of January we’re giving new clients 10% off your second session. Just contact us to book your first (free) session with us any time in January or February and quote the code “HOW2NEWYEAR“. We’ll happily apply the 10% discount when we send you the bill for your second session.

Easy as that.

Sound good?

First session’s free. Contact Heroic and make the most of 2015 :)

Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol
Founder & Director
Heroic Coaching & Consulting


When Jarrod's not writing about personal development through pop-culture, he's helping people like you reach their goals through fun, empowering coaching.

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