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How to Cope with the Post-PAX Blues

It’s been 10 days since PAX Aus 2014 ended. Does it feel longer or shorter?

Both, maybe?

After PAX (or other awesome gatherings of like-minded nerds) there’s a point where you come down from the high and the excitement. A lot of people feel hollow or bereft after PAX. It is known.

So what can you do about it?

Well, first off, let’s reframe. You’ve only got the blues because you just spent hours or days among your extended family of nerdkind revelling in each other’s company and sharing great experiences and memories. You had an awesome time. Don’t forget that :) Yet, remembering it and how normal life is so unlike that mystical time can get you down.

So we need to do something. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Connect with fellow nerds online
  • Share memories, photos and stories
  • Join or create a regular nerd gathering
  • Work on cosplay or plan for next year
  • Make the most of every encounter

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Add Friend: How I found real friendship online

I haven’t had conversations this deep with some “real life” friends in years.

Life. Feminism. Politics. Health. Charity. Religion. Penny Arcade. Pins.

We’ve chatted about all these things and more for the last several months. His username’s a string of insensible characters giving no real impression of the guy behind the handle.

This article is a small tribute to how real and lasting random connections online can become. Towards the end, I’ll give you a few tips for developing these friendships.

True Friendship
True Friendship

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