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Hi. I’m Jarrod. Welcome to Heroic Coaching & Consulting. Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Or make fantasy reality? Heroic can help.

Today marks the official launch of Heroic. I am so excited to begin this new adventure! I hope you’ll join me :)

Feel free to poke around the website, drop me a line, and follow this blog and connect with Heroic on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

I’ll be posting articles that focus on the intersection of pop culture and personal development. I hope you’ll find something of interest and some food for thought while enjoying a bit of a different take on games, movies, comics, television and more.

My Heroic Journey

Meet Jarrod

I’ve always had a passion for creativity, stories, games and helping people. I founded Heroic to provide coaching with these values at heart.

I’m a personal coachbusiness coach and trade mark consultant.

I once worked as a trade mark examiner. I saw people waste time and money, struggling over and over to understand trade marks. In addition to coaching, I aim to use my experience with trade marks to provide clear, affordable trade mark advice.

For two years before I started Heroic, I was on my own hero’s journey with challenges around health, work and stress. I didn’t realise it at first, but I had felt the call to adventure, to step into the unknown and seek the spark that would transform me.

I found it and used it to change my world.

I’ve been through other heroic journeys too. I’m a nerd, a geek and a gamer, so my journeys involved overcoming bullying at school, finding real friends and true love, moving out on my own and suddenly having to become an adult in the real world while keeping a hold of my identity and the things I’m passionate about.

Nerds, geeks and gamers are some of the most brilliant, friendly, creative people I’ve ever met. We have our own unique challenges. I founded Heroic to help everyone, but particularly to help people like us.

No matter who you are, with a little support you can break through the challenges you face, be your own hero and make fantasy reality.

You’re the hero of your life story. And even heroes don’t need to go it alone.

I’m here to help.

It’s All About You

Enough about me. Heroic is all about you.

Coaching, training, trade marks: any of these services can be tailored to your needs. Get in contact and let me know how I can best help you. No pressure. I’m happy to chat.

I’m writing these blog posts because they’re fun to write, but they’re really for you. Because why not get some free personal development covered in a shiny coating of the things you love?

I have plenty of ideas in store for the future and I’ll keep an eye on what gets the best reception here and strive to offer more of that kind of content.

By reading, following, liking, sharing and commenting you can help shape the online presence of Heroic into something even better.

Today is Awesome

Now, let’s end on some fun facts about July 15th – thanks Wikipedia!

In the past some pretty interesting stuff happened on July 15th:

And this year, there’s at least three awesome gaming related things going on today:

Clearly, this is a day for great things. Here’s to the start of this one.

Thanks for reading :)

Open Chat

At the bottom of most posts here, you’ll find the “Open Chat” section. I’ll normally pose a couple of questions related to the article to start conversation going. Feel free to add whatever comments you think are relevant to the discussion.

What other interesting things do you know about that happened on July 15th? How has pop culture – games, movies, and so on – helped you with personal development or social connection with others? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

I look forward to chatting with you :)

Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol
Founder & Director
Heroic Coaching & Consulting


When Jarrod's not writing about personal development through pop-culture, he's helping people like you reach their goals through fun, empowering coaching.

If you like this article and want to take control of your life, Jarrod can help.

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