Business Services

Heroic has the boldness and creativity to help your business stride toward success. We understand innovation and the challenges of change.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help clarify goals, build plans and create action to help drive your business toward success.

We can also provide businesses with trade mark consultancy to help you understand and secure your trade mark rights.

Business Services

We know that each business is unique. We work with you to customise a program that’s right for your business and aligned with your values, vision, purpose, and goals.

Whether it’s projects, coaching or training your staff, moving in a new direction or undertaking any other challenges of business, Heroic can help.

We offer a range of services for small and large businesses, including:

  • Communication coaching and workshops
  • Creativity coaching and workshops
  • New manager coaching
  • Staff & team coaching
  • Leadership coaching

Power Up My Business

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Team Coaching

Would you like your team to be better organised, more committed, clearer on their goals, more able to manage weaknesses, and more clear on how to repeat past successes? Heroic can help.

Every team is different, so we cater team coaching to each individual team. We can discuss your team’s strengths and challenges to work out the best approach for you. In fact, our first session is complimentary where we clarify and discover your team’s needs and how we can best help you.

Here are a few things our team coaching can help your team with:

  • Manage your weaknesses and play to your strengths
  • Clarify, prioritise and commit to productive goals
  • Communicate and work effectively as a team
  • Identify how and why you succeeded so you can do it again
  • Align personal and team values and goals

Get The Most Out Of My Team

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