Coaching Testimonials

[Jarrod is] that welcome intersection of educated geek, nerd, grounded and proud. I treasure people who love what they love and make no apologies for it because their enthusiasm is infectious.

He helped me define my goals. He helped me work out a plan to get started. He helped me define measures to track my progress. He guides our conversations through the paralysing miasma of “All the things, all the time, which one first ermahgerd” to “Here. Let’s start here, and see those stones ahead of you in the swamp? Which one? We’re going there next.” Stepping stones, a terrible analogy, but we’re all works in progress.

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Amy Tielu | Plural Possessive 


I would like to thank you for the coaching you provided to me on a couple of occasions. I was needing some support and assistance in relation to some work and personal issues, and your coaching was greatly appreciated.

At all times I felt comfortable with you, and your style of coaching really was effective and I was able to resolve the issues I had. I would definitely recommend you to others.

Rebecca Stevens | Public Servant, Mother